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Advanced Épée Coaching is the first series in our tutorials and is presented by Maestro Angel Fernandez and athletes of the Spanish national team. This first chapter consolidates thirty years of experience at the highest competitive level.
We are also proud to present our first series for sabre coaches. We’ve put together 8 lessons by the former director of the Spanish Fencing Coaches Academy. These lessons are firmly grounded in the fundamentals and provide excellent didactic material for intermediate level sabre fencers.
The philosophy behind this project is to create a consolidated audio-visual format of world class fencing masters. Our objective is to share this knowledge with coaches and fencers around the world using an online platform for registered users while inspiring a community of fencing enthusiasts to share their opinions and thoughts.    

About Our Videos

The videos presented in this project were recorded at the National Training Center in Madrid, Spain. The student-fencers in the lessons are all members of the men’s and women’s national teams and are all high-performance competitors.  All lessons are taught in Spanish and translated with English subtitles and are supplemented with text written by our coaches and translated to English. The texts are available within the platform in PDF format. Chapter 2 of the épée series are 12 lessons which train the defensive parallel of the chapter 1 lessons; creating a complete technical-tactical system.
Subscribers will have full access to their chosen series for a minimum of one year. Studying one lesson per month will allow subscribers ample time to assimilate and dominate all didactic material. For any doubts contact us at:


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