I’ll cut to the chase. I believe the Spanish course to be better. I know, you probably think I’m bias because of where I live and the name of this website but it’s true and I will explain.

For ENJOYMENT the Italian course is better. Located in Chianciano Terme in the Tuscan region you can’t beat the scenery, the accommodation, or the home cooked meals. However, this course had 140 participants the last time I was there and at times I felt overwhelmed. They also mix the teaching of the weapons. There are so many people that the groups of students rotate from one piste to the other to attend a class with a maestro.

On the other hand the Spanish course is tiny in comparison. The last level III maestros course in Madrid had less than 15 people in total. So you really get to take advantage of the time and receive a lot of attention from the maestro-instructor. They also do not mix weapons – once the foil phase begins you’re in it for 10 days straight. The Spanish course is three times as long as the Italian course – almost 6 weeks! And the down side? Madrid in July. It’s hell heat and NO relief nearby like in Chianciano Terme.