Advanced Sabre Coaches Course


Take note that Maestro Peinador points out that one of the objectives of this lesson is to achieve perfection with the straight thrust. This should not be confused with simple direct attack. The mechanics of the straight thrust are the same whether it is an offensive or counter offensive action.

Also keep in mind that during these first few lessons the coach remains at a fixed distance. There is no opening of the distance by the coach during the students attack.

Attitudes vary when considering the idea of perfecting a series of actions or movements before moving on to the next lesson.  During the two summers I spent at the coaches training courses in Italy I witnessed a mixture of technique within the same lesson. Meaning parry with long reposte during a lesson which started as a direct attack lesson.  It goes without saying that if the fencer has the level then by all means integrate everything. However, these lessons are intended for intermediate level fencers and it is Maestro Peinador’s philosophy to dedicate a lot of practice to building the  solid technical base of fundamentals before moving on to the next step in the technical/tactical series.


golpeo de dedos – The use of only the fingers to make the touch.

golpe – strike, hit, touch

cazoleta – bell guard

traveson – chest cut