Advanced Sabre Coaches Course


Each lesson will begin with a warm up. The structure of the warm up is just as important as the principle part of the lesson. The warm up is the ideal moment to detect errors or areas that need improvement. 

In this second lesson we will see the introduction of touches to the hand.  This is an advanced technique and there should be no rush to introduce it too early.

You will notice that Maestro Peinador closes the distance quite a bit when introducing a new technique. This is very important in order to allow the student to focus on the movement of the point. 

The basic structure in these lessons always begins with student and coach at a closed distance followed by advance at a fixed distance. The cut or touch should begin DURING the advance or lunge.  When beginning with double advance or advance/lunge it is recommended to have your student pause between the advance and the following movement.  


avanzadas – literally advanced; meaning the hand/forearm area.

muñeca – wrist