Advanced Sabre Coaches Course


Now we begin to add some more realistic elements to the lesson as the coach will now open the distance as the student attacks. This dynamic is an important element and coaches should take care when introducing it. Balance is fundamental for good sabre fencers so if at first your student is off balance during a long attack go back to fixed distance lessons.

We’ve also limited the target areas up to this point but in this lesson Maestro Peinador will begin adding counter attacks to the hand within the same sequence.

In this lesson the student is also allowed to attack on his own initiative and to the target which he sees as open. This new stimulus is added at MEDIUM distance and with clear cues at first. When your student begins to assimilate the distance and timing the coach can begin to make the cues more ambiguous. The ambiguity of the cues is one more step towards true bout level lessons.    

Maestro Peinador will also explain the four distances (11:00 min.) used as the structure or foundation for incorporating new dynamics.