Advanced Épée Coaches Course: Chapter Two

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Video Index – Chapter Two

Lesson 13 – Actions against a direct attack (distance, parry, counterattack with displacement)

Lesson 14 – Defensive actions against engagement/pris-de-fer with direct opposition

Lesson 15 – Actions used against parry/reposte (counter reposte and compound attack)

Lesson 16 – Actions against parry/reposte: part 2 (remise, reprise, and more counter reposte and feints)

Lesson 17 – Actions against defense with parry (compound attack and on the preparation with engagement)

Lesson 18 – Actions against defense with parry (disengage with cutover and feint of cutover)

Lesson 19 – Defense against compound attacks with straight thrust (double parry)

Lesson 20 – Defense against compound attacks with straight thrust (counter attacks)

Lesson 21 – Defense against indirect compound attack (double parry, counter attacks)

Lesson 22 – Defense against counter attack (counter time)

Lesson 23 – Defense against counter attack (counter time with variations in preparation)

Lesson 24 – Defense against counter time (compound counterattack, compound attack on prep.)

Lesson 25 – Defense against counter time: part 2

Lesson 26 – Double counter time (defense against finta en tiempo)

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